David C. Porter and Mike Corrao

David C. Porter is an only child from New York. His work has appeared in, Apocalypse Confidential, BRUISER, and other publications. He also writes the fiction and ephemera project Garden Scenery . His hybrid collection A Hollow Shape is available now from Feral Dove Books. He can be reached on Twitter @toomuchistrue or via his website.

Mike Corrao is the author of numerous works including Gut Text (11:11 Press), Rituals Performed in the Absence of Ganymede (11:11 Press), Under Reef (Onomatopee Projects), and Smut-Maker (Inside the Castle). His work often explores the haptic, architectural, and organismal qualities of the text-object. As an artist and designer, his work has been featured in the catalogs of 11:11 Press, Fonograf Editions, Apocalypse Party, Inside the Castle, and other presses. As an editor, he operates